The software is designed to overcome the problems traditionally associated with the inadequate depth of field for imaging 3-dimensional specimens, by allowing a composite, perfectly focused image to be produced. This is achieved by combining the focused parts from a series of images focused at different heights on the specimen to form an in-focus composite.

Auto-Montage can be used with your existing images or image capture system. These source images can be imported into Auto-Montage, where they are automatically analysed and all high detail regions are combined into a single, perfectly focused image.

Typical users for Auto-Montage include entomologists, botanists, material scientists, geologists and anyone who works with 3-dimensional samples. In fact there isn’t really a typical user.

With Auto-Montage’s unique and diverse range of montaging methods and its unrivalled suite of processing, editing, measurement, data management and 3D visualisation tools no other package comes close to matching Auto-Montage’s functionality, flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency.

A wealth of valuable 3D measurement data is created during the image capture process, allowing you to generate height coded images and publish dramatic 3D views of your samples.

The image on the right shows a perfectly montaged image of a solder ball.

Ball solderMontage

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